How to use AliceLG for the LINX Route-Servers

This can be accessed by either going to the URL for AliceLG via the LINX portal or directly from and you will be presented with the front page of the AliceLG Looking-Glass as shown below.

At this point you have a choice to search for a prefix, peer or ASN in the search bar or go to the pull down menu on the left and select the LINX LAN and Route-Server you would like to query.

When using the global search bar, any prefixes, peers or ASN's that are found in your query will be shown for all route-servers where the data is present. An example is show in the screenshot below.

When selecting a route-server from a particular LINX LAN you will need to specify which IPV4 or IPV6 route-server you wish to query.

Once you have selected a route-server you will be presented with a BGP summary of peers and some BGP attribute details for each peer. An example screenshot is show below.

Any peers that are down and not established can be seen by clicking on ‘Down’ (in red).

To look at a prefix or prefixes announced by a peer select one of the peers in the list. The list is split into 3 sections. One list shows prefixes that are filtered on input (such as Bogons/Martians/reserved ASN’s). The second are accepted prefixes. The third are Routes Not Exported (Prefixes that have failed validation).

To search for a prefix with a certain community use the pull down menu on the right hand side and search for the community you are looking for.

How to use the API

Obtain list of route servers/collectors

The following URLs can be used to obtain the route server/collector ID which is used in API queries.

API Examples

Please replace {...} with the actual data you want to use for your query.

Route server/collector status

All peer details of a certain route server/collector

All advertised prefixes of a certain route server/collector peer

Prefix lookup on all route servers/collectors